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According to our work philosophy and in order to meet industry demands, DECISA has implemented a work system that interconnects all functional areas and optimizes the use of resources among the different departments.

For that reason we continuously invest in information systems and productive resources.
Today DECISA enjoys an efficient organization, capable of adapting to the changes demanded by our customers, by the market and by our industry.

Integrated Management and Control System

DECISA has state-of-the-art information systems adapted to the demands of our line of business, and additionally meets the international regulations dealing with construction (NIC).
The Exactus system, an important administrative and financial tool, is one example of this.

Our internal processes and administrative control mechanisms have been strengthened thanks to this tool, bringing about such benefits as:

Interconnection and correlation of the different operating areas in the organization.
Automated and continuous data update to support the best decision-making.
Reduction of data entry time by means of field digitization.
On-line cost control.
Reports customized to different uses according to our customer’s needs and to our own internal demands.

Our operations are based on an integrated management system organized by modules, among them:

Resource Management
Payroll Control
General Accounting Procurement and inventory
Banking Control Asset Control
Accounts Receivable Project Billing
Accounts Payable Cost Control

By using Exactus in the organization, decision-making has become much more streamlined and timely, and it is much easier to control our clients resources and budgets.

Quantification - Accuracy - Logistics - Feedback

We are at the forefront of cost estimate systems and procedures thanks to extensive investigation to find the best tools available in the construction industry. A significant effort has been made to acquire, adapt and fine-tune the “PRECISION ESTIMATING” software, by the globally renown software company “TIMBERLINE.” Worldwide, considered the most sophisticated and accurate leading tool to estimate and calculate construction budgets. Our firm is proud to use this software and makes it available to our clients.

This technology allows to better manage quantification time, study alternatives in greater detail, and make market price adjustments in a reasonably short time so that our proposals reflect the most updated prices of materials, tools, equipment, accessories and other services, as well as the construction logistics that best suit the timely execution of any work.

Our team of experts in cost estimating currently uses:


Furthermore, the company database, solely based on parameters from the construction activity, has a complete set of ensembles for architectural works in the Costa Rican market. Prices are tailored to each province in the country. Feedback flows more easily from our projects to our headquarters, and even to our budgets, including labor, materials, equipment and sub-contracts.

Construction Machinery and Equipment

MECSA was created in 1993 to fill the growing need that DECISA projects had for construction equipment. Initially, MECSA provided 100% of its services to DECISA, but now also serves other construction companies throughout the country. This has been possible because of the company’s determination to expand its customer portfolio by offering quality equipment, timely service and competitive prices.
Our efforts are currently focused on becoming important players in the construction equipment rental market. We have made a significant investment in new equipment and in powerful financial-administrative software to more efficiently control our operations. Our Company has participated in important real estate development projects, among them: Condados de Country, Residence Club - Four Season Hotel & Resort, Puerta de Hierro Residential Area, Hacienda La Garita, Hotel Grand Papagayo, Condados del Palacio, etc.

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