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These projects demand special attention due to their electromechanical layout and extremely precise structural details and requirements. To ensure that these constructions function to their best, DECISA uses the most renowned companies specialized in electromechanical, pre-fabricated concrete and steel structures.
Delivery time is critical in a construction project. Delays become serious threats to a company’s profitability. DECISA has the necessary experience and ability to meet demanding deadlines without sacrificing end product quality or increasing approved budgets. Precisely under these conditions DECISA successfully built Burger King and Rostipollos restaurants, and shopping centers.
DECISA has a long track record building custom high-end neighborhoods. Its project portfolio encompasses over 60 houses with construction areas that exceed 5,500 ft2 (500 m2), and close to a dozen residences measuring 11,000 ft2 (1000 m2) or more. Technical and human skills are the strengths that help DECISA meet customer needs, with the highest quality workmanship and materials.
Hotels are evidence of the superior quality of DECISA projects. Its history of excellence and transparency has led the company to develop well-known hotel projects, such as the five-star Hotels Four Seasons Residence Club, Sí Como No, and Grand Papagayo.
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